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At Munn Digital we are a digital marketing agency with a difference. We offer digital marketing consultancy alongside premium digital marketing services primarily to in house marketing managers.

Using a combination of psychology + data science + accounting principles + Google specialisation, our digital marketing services are not available elsewhere at the level we provide them. Why? Because of our qualifications and experience.

Let us partner with your business to skyrocket your success.


What We Do

Discover just how Munn Digital can skyrocket your digital marketing.

Digital Data Analysis.

We use sophisticated technology (extending beyond Google Analytics) for in-depth data analysis. The information is then presented to you in the most simple format, providing greater insights into your digital marketing performance. You will finally know exactly where to spend your marketing dollars.

Digital Audits.

If, like many other marketing managers and business owners, you suspect your digital campaigns are not delivering the results they should, then you need Munn Digital.
Let us complete a thorough audit of your digital marketing campaigns including a PPC Audit, SEO Audit, Website Audit and ROI Audit.
You will receive a detailed report and consultation session, and possibly change the path of your business moving forward.

Digital Strategy.

The job of a Marketing Manager is to develop, plan and implement branding and product/service promotional strategies that will increase profits and market share but also consider customer satisfaction levels.
Munn Digital works with Marketing Managers to plan and implement the digital component of these strategies.
We work with you to create a digital strategy that matches your business and financial goals, and highlights positive customer experience.

Digital Consultancy.

Who do you go to when you require the advice and knowledge of a trusted and industry respected digital advisor?
Munn Digital provide Digital Consultancy Services, ensuring you always have a trusted digital ally providing accurate, up to date industry knowledge and Google insights.

Digital Marketing Funnels.

The current buzzword in digital marketing “Funnels” have in fact been in existence for a long time. The purpose of a sales funnel is to create a tiered marketing campaign design to capture customers right through to the moment they become an actual customer. Munn Digital have the knowledge and tools to create WOW FACTOR funnels.

Online Advertising.

Google Ads, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads, Display Ads, Native Ads and More.
As Certified Google Ads Specialists let us run your Google Ads campaigns. Benefit by our up to date knowledge and extensive experience in PPC advertising.

Tailored SEO.

SEO is not a one size fits all solution.
If you have been sold an “SEO Package” or promised “1st Page Results” you have been sold to.
SEO requires a tailored organic approach. SEO is a long term investment, and to be successful you need a consultancy that understands the science behind the data. Talk to us.

Competitor Analysis.

Why is your competitor outranking you?
How many website visitors does your competition get?
How much does your competition spend on Google Ads?
We analyse your competition and tell you exactly what their digital strategy is, and better still, how to outrank them.

Web Development.

Website development is no longer about creating a nice responsive website.
When we develop websites we think mobile first, whilst incorporating SEO and customer behaviour insights into the design concept.
Talk to us before signing up for a new website as we may just change your thinking.

Answers to Your Questions

How much do you charge?

We have two pricing structures. For one off or short term projects we charge $75 per hour, regardless of the task.

For monthly projects, this is a negotiated retainer based on the work required.

How much are your websites?

This depends on the size of the website, pages, functionality and timeframe.

Do you offer social media services?

We offer social media advertising services. We do not offer organic posting as a service.

Are you just another digital marketing service?

No. Our Founder, Tracey Munn, is a highly respected digital marketing allrounder. Winning numerous awards for her knowledge and skills, our core difference is Tracey. Schedule an appointment to find out why client’s love Munn Digital.

How long will it take to see results?

Not only would we be contraveing Google Policy to make any promises, we would also be providing our clients with false promises. Success comes from a combination of elements. We also believe that for digital marketing to be successful it requires client input. If your business is after a done for you, set and forget solution, we are not the team for you.

Let's Work Together!

If it’s time to take your digital marketing to the next level with input from a highly talented digital marketing provider, simply get in touch by scheduling a 30 minute free consultation, or by calling 1300 436 980.