Digital Marketing Analytics Services

digital marketing analytics services.

What are Digital Marketing Analytics?

Digital Marketing Analytics is the practice of reviewing and assessing information from digital marketing activities to define the most effective channels, most powerful audience segments, and profit centres.

This information is then used to create more effective and optimised digital marketing campaigns.

Having a digital marketing plan for your business is all good and well, however, unless you are consistently measuring results and tweaking your campaigns based on the outcomes, success will be minimal.

How Munn Digital Will Change Your Analytics Journey

At Munn Digital, we are certified Google Analytics specialists with qualifications in Analytics and Data Science. Our Digital Marketing Analytics Services come as either an extension of our digital marketing services, or as a stand alone Analytics service for your business.

How we work

Using a variety of analytics tools, software and tracking implementations, we analyse your marketing campaigns providing you with the feedback you need to spend your marketing budget in the right channels at the right time, capturing the right audience.

The first step

The first step will be to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Tracey Munn, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist at Munn Digital.

Tracey will discuss your existing analytics program and drill down into your goals and results to date. As a qualified counsellor, clients find this free session incredibly insightful, friendly and inspiring.

If you have existing analytics accounts (Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adobe Analytics etc), we will ask you to link our email as a user so we can access your existing data for review.

Upon completing these first two steps, Tracey will send you through quote for scope of works.


Want to know more about our Digital Marketing Analytics Services? Simply send us your details and we will be in touch with more information.

digital marketing analytics services